2017 - Present

It all began in an apartment on a dreary January weekend, on the outskirts of San Francisco.

One of my closest friends and fellow designer Arman Nobari tipped me off about a side-project he was working on to create an app to help designers practice and prepare for job interviews. It was modeled after the same simple but effective techniques he used to land his dream job at Google.

The original homepage

After a weekend of hacking, we proudly presented our first version to the world through ProductHunt, Reddit, and other places. We were astonished to see the traction: more than 15,000 users visited the site in the first 30 days. Eventually, we would see the project shared by Dribbble, Shopify, and even Amazon.

The product itself is as simple as it gets: a challenge generator for Designers (and now, also STEM educators and students). But at every turn we looked for ways to insert excitement, hoping to further inspire creativity.

The latest iteration

I primarily worked as the lead full-stack developer for the project since it's inception. My co-founder Arman, has lead our design process while we both collaborated on the larger vision and roadmap.

Over the years we made a range of improvements that tested our design and development chops:

  • Expanded the dataset to over 15 million possible challenges, across 2 distinct generators (Design, STEM)
  • Added category filtering, then expanded from 3 to 17 categories
  • User Auth system via Firebase
  • Premium subscription service via Stripe, unlocking access to a premium content resource library for STEM educators.

The design generator

Subscription pricing page

Users can save their favorite prompts

STEM Educators can unlock premium lesson content