Who is Anthony Gibson?

👋 Hey, I'm Anthony, a digital designer and front-end developer based out in California.

From as early an age as I can remember I have been obsessed with learning about how things work and bringing new ideas to life. In high school, I would usually spend class time jotting down the outline to whatever the latest business idea I had bouncing around in my head. I would then use those ideas as inspiration to figure out the different skills I'd need to bring the concept to life.

Though the internet had only recently taken off at the time, I knew that anything I would do in the future would need a strong web presence. So I taught myself how to "build websites" by reverse-engineering WordPress themes to get something just good enough to carry the idea forward. I would dream up different business concepts and create my own business cards and logos, teaching myself just enough of Photoshop and Illustrator to get the job done. None of the projects would ever take off, but they all gave me a base of experience that would help set the foundation for my creative career.

Since my days of scraping together websites for sporadic business ideas — I'm proud to say I've worked for companies of all shapes and sizes on a lot of different types of projects. From small startups to the biggest companies in the Silicon Valley, I've worked for nonprofits and educational companies, connected fitness companies, and pet companies. This diverse range of experiences is something I value greatly for giving me a lot of awareness of many industries, and people, and getting to watch the modern web and digital product environment grow from multiple vantage points.

Before I worked as a designer and developer, I attended CSU Sacramento and majored in Communications. During college, I also served as a student representative for my campus, serving as a liaison to the statewide student association (CSSA). During my tenure I visited more than a dozen Cal-State campuses, spoke at several conferences, and engaged with educational and political leaders including then California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom - all to advocate on behalf of the 440,000 students of the California State University system.

While in college I also landed my first design job with an emerging nonprofit startup called Camellia Network. We built an online donation and support platform to connect aged-out foster youth with supporters from around the United States. I served as the Creative & Communications Director, and also led the technical management and transfer of the platform when it was acquired by Youth Villages in 2015.

Since then I worked two stints at a connected fitness company called TrainerRoad, leading the front-end development work for several key features and helping roll out their latest AI-powered tools. I also worked with a few other clients on contract, delivering on everything from product design to technical copywriting, to branding projects and full website re-designs.

On my nights and weekends, I run a digital product studio I co-founded with my best friend Arman Nobari called Vault Labs. We work on a variety of projects both of our own creation, and for other clients. Our projects include the Sharpen design generator, now used as part of the Grow with Google Design Certificate, and our first game from Good Trouble game studio: Harlow.

And that is roughly the story so far! If I'm not behind my computer, I'm usually binge watching something alongside my fiance and pup. We're big fans of a good steak and panzanella... or just a nice homemade pizza. 🍕